Q. Does the Model 803 include an electric dry pump?

A. Yes, all our testers – both analog and digital include an electronic dry pump. ┬áNow also found on some models of home water systems.

Q. Is the operation of the Model 803 DIGITAL operated on 50 or 60 cycle?

A. We offer Model 803 DIGITAL in 110V or 220V with 50 or 60 cycle frequency as a customized unit with cordset for your particular country so it is ready for use immediately upon receipt. Should you honor us with your order, we would need to knowthis information. (Other frequencies available).

Q. What is the stability of the Model 803?
A. Since we use transducers which are especially made for COMMAND, we have researched the field and decided on transducers which are small with high natural frequency, high accuracy and light weight. The performance and stability is outstanding — requiring very little calibration over the years. They are hermetically- sealed in stainless steel achieving 0.1% full scale accuracy. The transducer manufacturer states a check should be made first (which can be done in 5 minutes) before any calibration is done since these transducers are extremely stable and hold the accuracy much longer than a year.
Q. What is the accuracy of both the Altimeter and Airspeed?
A. Accuracy of Altimeter:
from -1000 ft to 71,800 ft +/-1.2 inches between each l00 ft. overall accuracy +/-1 digit. Sea Level = +/- 1 ft; 35,000 ft = +/- 1.8 ft; and 50,000 ft = +/- 5.5 ft.
A. Accuracy of Airspeed:
Airspeed zeroing feature allows meter to display minimum 1 kt +/-1 kt to facilitate helicopter requirements. Meter synchro-nizes with MIL-SPEC/NASA Tables to 600 kts. Higher ranges available on special order.
Q. What is the cost of the Model 803?
A. Each Model 803 is customized for your particular country and we will be happy to quote you upon hearing your particular needs. All information and quotes are FREE. Just call or FAX: (816) 761-3514. E-Mail:[email protected] . Be sure toinclude your address, phone, FAX and E-Mail.