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EASY to OPERATE and/or service by average technician – operation in MANUAL or AUTOMATIC. In AUTO, max & min parameters set thru keypad.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION – Panel Meter, transducers, interface bds. and valve assemblies are plug-in units.

MULTIZONE DIGITAL DISPLAY – Altimeter (1 ft resolution), Airspeed 0-600 kts. (1 kt resolution), MACH, Rate of Climb (0-9000 fpm), and Barometric Pressure (in METRIC and ENGLISH)

SELF-CALIBRATING– checks and corrects every 100 ft.- from -1000 to 71,000 ft.

CALIBRATION can be checked in just 5 minutes maximum (No pump up/down required) CALIBRATION can be done IN-HOUSE by your electronic technician in 1-4 hrs. using ONLY a certified 5-1/2 digit voltmeter and CALIBRATION TABLES per MIL-STD859A and NASA TN D-822. Digital Display can be checked thru keypad.

ACCURACY – To NASA TN D-822 Geopotential Tables every 100 ft.(from -1000 71,000 ft.). +/-l.2 INCHES between 100 ft. points. This ACCURACY well satisfies the REVISED VERTICAL SEPARATION MINIMUMS!


The tester is built to eliminate most all problems but, if a problem does occur, the In-House Operator can easily ISOLATE it through the MANUAL switches. This cannot be done if all operations are computerized! We simplified the operation to lend itself for troubleshooting or repair — avoiding sending back to the factory for every little thing. In addition, MANUAL Mode gives you control over many additional special effects. In AUTOMATIC, you can pre-set the parameters through the keypad for the instruments and other functions.

REGULATED Rate of Climb: Offers ability to preset Rate of Climb for smoother operation.

OPERATION: Model 803 operates on 110V or 230V – 50hz, 60hz or other freq.

PHYSICAL: Sturdy Portable Case or Rackmount 19″ x 7″

PORTS – RS232 port included; IEEE488 (optional); Others available with adaptor.

Since it is the only tester whose ACCURACY can be verified right in the shop, it can be used to verify the accuracy of other testers. It is designed to be COST EFFECTIVE. MODEL 803 never needs to be sent out for calibration — SAVING money and downtime!