About Our Company

FIRST in giving you the best & latest in Electronic Technology

COMMAND ELECTRONICS CO. has been in business since 1965 — with over 30 years’experience as an FAA Certificated AVIONIC REPAIR SHOP.
We recognized the need for a better PITOT/STATIC TESTER – and, especially, for a unit EASY TO OPERATE – with high reliability and precision accuracy.

Our first unit was built as an ANALOG PITOT/STATIC TESTER. Instead of many valves to manipulate (as those on the analog market), we have just ONE VALVE -the rate of flow – which certainly helps eliminate HUMAN ERROR. The FAA Inspectors at that time who came to our Avionic Repair Shop were surprised to see someone finally made it EASY and they indicated ours is the ONLY tester that simplified the method — and they said “they know because they’ve seen them all!”

The test setups are all pre-set by a MODE switch – saving thousands on instruments in the tester and in the aircraft. The ANALOG unit is being successfully used worldwide.

With an Electronic Engineer who had over 35 years background in QUALITY CONTROL/ELECTRONIC-PNEUMATIC Engineering, an innovative DIGITAL AIR DATA CALIBRATOR and PITOT/STATIC tester was developed. Again, COMMAND was FIRST!

Instead of an automatic tester that keeps every operator in the dark on how it works and how to repair, we came out with the Model 803 DIGITAL which is both AUTOMATIC and MANUAL – and you can calibrate or repair right in your own shop. The only parts that cannot be repaired in the field are the transducers and the digital meter — and these can easily be exchanged. They are quite stable and very seldom need attention.

Buy from us with confidence – we have professional insurance.

Through close association with Avionic Shops and Airline Maintenance operations, our engineers, along with the top expertise of an outstanding transducer company; meter manufacturer; and the input of NASA technical engineering, the DIGITAL AIR DATA CALIBRATOR Model 803 was completed as a PRECISION STANDARD. Since ACCURACY can be VERIFIED in the shop using the standard Tables traceable to the Nat’l Institute of Standards & Technology, the Model 803 may be used in the field as a STANDARD to check other similar equipment. In addition, the COMMAND MODEL 803 can be calibrated IN-HOUSE with just a 5-1/2 digit DVM — saving time and money!

The Model 803 is a powerful tester that will PERFORM with PRECISION!